How to Shop – Retail

You can buy plants on working days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. right in the farm. If it is very necessary, you can do that also in other time, agreeing upon it in advance by phone 29506611 (Iveta). It is recommendable to ascertain about the availability of particular plants by calling, even if you come at the given time.

You can buy our production, for prices that differ only slightly, also from our partners:

You can meet us in almost all major expositions and fairs which take place from the end of April until the beginning of September: “Latekspo” exposition in Riga at the end of April – beginning of May; “Latvijas stādu parāde” organized by SAB ( at the end of April – beginning of May; monthly fairs in the Salaspils Botanical Garden; in Liepāja next to Latvian Society House at the end of May; “BT 1” “Vasaras svētki dārzam” on the second weekend of June; “Ziedu balle” organized by “Dārzu Pasaule”; SAB autumn’s fair in Bulduri on the second half of September. More about events here.