Pixel Garden

Pixel Garden is a unique system of constructing vertical gardens, popularly called the fl oral
walls. They perform not only decorative but also functional role. They can be used for
constructing the vertical gardens, for example in the form of partition walls, sound barriers,
fences or hoardings. Pixel Garden is setting new standards in designing the space with the
use of living fl ora, implementing freshness, aroma and colors in the surrounding. The set
consists of the box and two fl owerpots planted in it. The elements are designed in the way,
which enables to construct whole fl ower walls with the unique idea of irrigation. The Pixel
Garden vertical gardens off er enormous possibilities of arrengement. Flowers in small pots,
like the pixels, compose colorful pictures. They allow to create diverse color variations,
blooming mosaics, fl oral inscriptions and sophisticated patterns with spectacular visual
eff ect.

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