JUB flowerbulbs

JUB flower bulbs and rhizome


Main product of JUB is flower bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers. There are also some perennials, roots and rhizomes of which consist bigger reserves of foodstuff and able to stain storage in packing suitable for retail trade. For part of cultivars, JUB offers also unprepacked bulbs and tubers for landscaper and municipality gardeners. Special offer provided for raising flowers, we also have recommendations on how to do it with specific tulip cultivars.

You should order flowers to be planted in spring before January 20; we are delivering them to Latvia in early March. As for flowers to be planted in autumn, they shall be ordered before July 20; we are delivering them to Latvia in early September. Please check out previous offer below.


We are JUB production distributors in Baltic countries. For mor information about JUB production contact:

Jac Uittenbogaard & Zonen BV

Robijnslaan 43

2211 TG Noordwijkerhout

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)252 373762

Fax: +31 (0)252 377402

E-mail: info@jubholland.nl

Web: www.jubholland.nl