Garden Grid

The eco-friendly lawn grid is a product used in construction, horticulture, transport, etc. The product works well in the development of public usable area.
High quality and high esistance parameters are the guarantee of the long-term utility. An additional advantage of the grid is an optional system of mounting with anchors, which enables to assembly it even on the slopes with a high inclination angle. Garden Grid is an ecological product made from materials produced in the recycling process. It has very good characteristics of drainage , which allows rainwater to penetrate naturally into ground.
The lawn lattice is distinguished by the flexibility of design, thanks to the possibility of filling it with various types of materials and giving it diverse shapes. Most often, it is filled with grass, what preserves green and natural area. It is also possible to fill the grid with decorative aggregates.
Garden Grid is an alternative to conventional methods of soil stabilization and
it is definitely ousting paving stones as well as concrete openwork slabs.

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