Bare root perennials from Holland

Verschoor’s Company offers more than 3000 different bare-root perennial plants. Majority of them are being grown at more than a hundred nurseries of collaboration partners in the Holland, however our demand also includes plants grown both in America and China. Not all the plants from this offer are specialized for Latvian climate and climate of lands further north than Latvia. When offering plants, please take measures if they are specialized for corresponding zone and assess risks.

Purchase order form – Excel table for next spring is available in late June – early July. You can see our previous offer below. To avoid situation when plants are unavailable inasmuch as reserved for other client, we summarize purchase orders and send them to the Holland before September 15. Therefore we are accepting such orders from our clients till September 10. Delivery to Latvia is being carried out in early March. Minimum order is one box for separate species and cultivars there is a different multiple specified.