About us

Welcome to our world of flowers!

Farm „Bērziņi” started its activity in 1991 as family business. In our first years we were dealing with growing of vegetables and plants of very large variety. In middle nineties due to change of market situation we reorientated to adornment plants – firstly to summer flowers, later also to perennial ones. Such choice was made due to the fact that we felt lack of perennial flower plants very strongly as well as we started projecting and planting greeneries. After offer we were growing flower planters and pyramids. Our biggest customer for many years is Ventspils Komunālā pārvalde.

There are 2200 m2 seasoned and double-wall greenhouses now, 120 to 140 thousands of potted perennial plants in areas of 7000 square metres.

Fastest growing branch in farming today is perennial flower planting. We offer 300 – 450 various potted plants constantly, but if counting also bare-roots, there are more than 1000 various plants available for landscapers. There are more than one thousand and three hundred of them in collection. You can find dozens of sun-loving plants for dry rock-garden, as well as more than 2m high heliophobes for waterside or tree park shade. Assortment is being enriched every year.

Moreover, our farm is a representative of two Netherland Companies – „A.Verschoor horticulture import – export” and „Jac Uittenbogaard & Zonen BV” (JUB) in Baltic states. First of them is trading perennial flower plants and Clematises – both import and export worldwide, as well as selection of different cultivars. Second company is growing and exporting bulb flowers and tuberous plants.

Using support of European Union Fund ELFLA “Modernization of farms” farm in 2010-2011 enlarged pot areas, constructed new greenhouses, arranged sprinkler system and purchased new technical equipment.

We started producing Christmas products to decreased seasonality of works. Today this branch gives us possibility to employ workers also in winter. We are making Advent wreaths and candlesticks from different natural materials and providing natural materials for floristic.

“Green wall” delivery and installation is a completely new branch, where we still have to study a lot.